On the road again

From Geof, who got it from someone else:

Bold = been to
Italics = lived in

1) Alabama, 2) Alaska, 3) Arizona, 4) Arkansas, 5) California, 6) Colorado, 7) Connecticut, Delaware, 9) Florida, 10) Georgia, 11) Hawaii, 12) Idaho, 13) Illinois, 14) Indiana, 15) Iowa, 16) Kansas, 17) Kentucky, 18) Louisiana, 19) Maine, 20) Maryland, 21) Massachusetts, 22) Michigan, 23) Minnesota, 24) Mississippi, 25) Missouri, 26) Montana, 27) Nebraska, 28) Nevada, 29) New Hampshire, 30) New Jersey, 31) New Mexico, 32) New York, 33) North Carolina, 34) North Dakota, 35) Ohio, 36) Oklahoma, 37) Oregon, 38) Pennsylvania, 39) Rhode Island, 40) South Carolina, 41) South Dakota, 42) Tennessee, 43) Texas, 44) Utah, 45) Vermont, 46) Virginia, 47) Washington, 48) West Virginia, 49) Wisconsin, 50) Wyoming, and 51) Washington, DC.

Now, if you’re the sort that counts airports, add Kentucky and Missouri to my list. But I don’t think they should be included.

(Hey – another fun list could be how many airports I’ve visited. 🙂 Nashville’s the only one that I’ve been to that I haven’t flown into or out of.)

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  1. Someone needs to travel more. 😀

  2. Hey! Until I was 16, I’d been to THREE states – Alabama, Florida and Georgia.

    (Okay, technically I’d been to Mississippi, Louisiana and Tennessee too – but I was too young to remember those visits.)

    I’ve done quite a bit of traveling in the past few years, thankyouverymuch. 😛 (My goal is 25 states by my 25th year.)

  3. :chuckle: When I was 5, I was living in my third state. 😀

  4. How long do you have to have been in a place in order to have lived there? (I’ve always wondered…)

  5. If you get mail there, that’s lived enough for me…

    Is there a state that you haven’t been to yet that you want to travel to? Washington State would be mine; Seattle, more specifically.

  6. Well in THAT case, Chris, I can add California to my “lived in” list.

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