Memories #3

(Inspired in part by Heather’s post of the day – which I highly recommend you read, by the way.)

Top Ten College Memories: Memory #10

We sat around the dining room table, our formal attire a humorous juxtaposition to our bare feet and plans to spend an evening in. These are the evenings a young woman remembers – applying make up and curling hair alongside three roommates ensures a good time, regardless of the occassion. Paula, Alison, and I had selected gowns that we felt were appropriate for the evening’s activities. Not one to be left out, Heather donned similar attire. As the sun set over our forested neighborhood, we worked together, both in getting dolled up and in the kitchen.

We solved the corn chowder problem (too runny? add flour!) just before our guests began to arrive. Four gentlemen joined us, decked out in an array of garments ranging from a run-of-the-mill suit and tie to an ascot (with a cane as an additional accessory) to a turban. This colorful cast of characters sat down to dine at the same dining room table that had hosted countless bottles of make up moments before.

Breaking bread with brothers and sisters is always a treat, but the fun truly began as the eight of us moved into the living room. It was there that we ceased to be CJ, Heather, Paula, Alison, Philip, Jesse, Andy, and Scott. We resumed new roles for the next hour, assigned to us from a cardboard box bearing the name “Alfred Hitchcock” and the promise of a mysterious night of fun. Andy – or should I say, Dr. Lees – narrated as Catherine and Mary (played by Paula and I) were eliminated from the game by a murderous Brit. We victims proved to be the only ones able to successfully solve the case (Heather, as the bitter midwife, killed us off in a jealous rage).

The laughter continued in a rousing game of Psychiatrist. When the girls acted as our cat Emma and the boys as our dog Tessa in one round, Heather dissolved into laughter. Our impressions of the animals were apparently so good that she guessed immediately who we were. (Philip was on all fours beside me at the sliding glass door. Confusion led him to playing the part of Emma, though it wasn’t his assigned role. Our interplay was still so convincing that it led to Heather’s accurate guess.)

My ability to laugh at myself was tested in a later round. 🙂 All seven “actors” were assigned the role of imitating yours truly. The noise in that room nearly reached a level that only Tessa could detect as everyone imitated me in their best shrill voices. I laughed so hard that I could barely stay in character – and I am me!

Later, we sat around the television while Hitchcock’s Rear Window played. The dark room and the comfortable atmosphere lulled most of us to sleep while the video quietly rolled on. Truly, my friends, these are days to remember.

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