Strange how hard it rains now

In case you were wondering – and I know you probably were – there is no better time to listen to “Rain” than during a thunderstorm.

I’ve been awake for an hour and a half. The thunder woke me at a time when my alarm otherwise might have – were the alarm not turned off and the power not out. I remained in bed for several minutes, confused. I glanced at my clock – nothing. Lying still, I waited for the breeze generated by my ceiling fan to hit me. Nothing.

“Ah, the power must be out,” I concluded. (I’m a quick one.)

The power cut back on just before I crawled out of bed and peered through the blinds that cover my bedroom window. “Is it that early, or is it about to start storming?” I wondered. I picked up my cell phone – 8:11 A.M. Sure enough, the weather was that gnarly.

“But it was gorgeous yesterday…” I lamented, alone in my bedroom. “All of our plans for the day revolved around the outdoors. Now what?”

I still haven’t answered that question, but my would-be partners in crime are still asleep. (Must be nice!) While they’ve been visiting dreamland, I’ve already read one chapter for a class and composed a rather dull blog entry.

This, my friends, is evidence that I am not a morning person.

So answer me this – how would you spend a rainy day with three of your friends?

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