Things you can tell about her just by looking

I hope you can read the text on each of these pictures. I can, but I have good eyesight. I don’t know about anyone else. But Shutterfly automatically shrinks stuff. So, y’know.

View from my recliner
Daisies: A touch of girliness without overdoing it
Quilt: nostalgia and another girly touch (hints of pink are good. TONS of pink is not.)
White walls on the other rooms: My bedroom is my personal sanctuary

View from my trashcan
Providence Canyon: Loves nature
Homemade frame: Frugal 🙂
Lots of pillows: Loves to be pampered
Open window: Appreciation for a gorgeous day

View as you enter the room
Old recliner: A space for relaxing or for company
Teddy bear: A cuddler 🙂
Laptop: This here’s a high-tech redneck
Bedspread: Appreciation for heritage

View from my bed
Photographs: Loves beautiful things. Enjoys artistic ventures. Creative.

A hidden corner
Flowers: Enjoys unique souveniers
Textbooks: Doesn’t like to stare at her work – but DOES like to keep it convenient

View from the hidden corner
Pictures of friends: Loyal. Loves those close to her.
Body pillow: More fluffy comfort 🙂

View from the dresser
Pillows in recliner: Likes color and interest
Window treatment: Makes a house a home
Pictures: Romanticized ideas of the wild wild west

View from the window (looking in, not out, obviously 🙂 )
Stereo: Music plays an important role
John Mayer CD: Keeps latest obsessions handy
Dried roses: Romantic
Mail waiting to go out: Forgetful 🙂
Mirror: Crafty

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