I only wanna be with you

There are certain things in this world that bring an added bounce to my step (when I’m not on crutches, that is!) There’s a vibrant red flower growing beside the walkway to my apartment. I can’t help but smile as I hobble past it. As I walk the halls of Reese Phifer, I can glance out the window at Bryant-Denny stadium. Magic. The crispness of the Alabama air as autumn moves in finds me breathing a contented sigh. But none of these (some of my favorite things) are what’s on my mind this evening.

Sunday afternoons also have that mysterious charm about them. Even in the heat of summer, I love to stroll along the riverbank, silently thanking the Creator for the many ways He reveals Himself. Perhaps then I’ll enjoy the brief drive to my favorite coffee shop. Computer and/or notebook in tow, I’ll often huddle into myself at the second table from the door. Between sips on the day’s beverage, I’l try in vain to capture my delight with words.

After many grins shared with the other patrons and a casual survey of the way the early evening light spills onto the stage, I’m off again.

Less than a block away, a treasure trove lies in waiting. Still rejoicing in the day, I’ll meander toward a store so revered that its likeness can be found on my bedroom wall.

I step through the doors and I’m greeted by the cashier. He sits atop his stool behind a counter cluttered with discs and magazines. Lost in such a publication, he won’t look up again until his assistance is needed.

I mentally recall my “to buy” list before I flip through racks of used music. My goal is to come out of here no more than ten dollars poorer. (I don’t always succeed – this week, both Hootie and the Blowfish and the Indigo Girls followed me home.) I’ve never left without finding something I wanted, whether I purchase it or not.

After making small talk with the clerk, I slip behind the wheel of my new car. I slide the CD in and sink back into the soft leather. The goal is to lose myself in the music, exploring ebvery instrument’s nuances and projecting myself into each emotion.

I want to soak up all I’m able. The process will repeat itself within weeks, leaving with me new friends to understand.

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