I do believe – help my unbelief!

I’m surrounded constantly by romantic notions. Few forms of media refrain from throwing relationships in the face of the consumer. My roommate is head over heels for her boyfriend, who takes pride in leaving mushy messages on our answering machine. Many weddings approach, one of which will feature me marching down the aisle in a dress matching those of several close friends. Even my bedroom ‘ my own personal sanctuary, my chance to escape the swoonyness ‘ throws my own girlish dreams back at me.

Despite this constant deluge of input, I’m mystified. I don’t understand how a man comes to love a woman.

Oh, and vice versa. That’s a crucial note to add ‘ love reciprocated leaves me awestruck.

I’ve developed my share of crushes over the years. Believe it or not, there’s even been the occasional boy who is charmed by my wily ways.

But this is a game of hit and miss, and my tally marks lie predominantly in the latter category. Sure, there have been offers to pursue relationships that were almost tempting. Occasionally a truly stellar guy will develop ‘feelings’ for me, and the recognition of how great a catch he is leaves me wishing that the interest were mutual.

My dreams are bigger than that, though, and he deserves better. I grew up on Disney movies. To this day, I dream of a prince falling in love with this princess. The words ‘happily ever after’ conclude my daydreams, however fanciful that thought may be.

Perhaps I’ve chanced a meeting with said prince, but he’s failed to make himself known thus far.

With so many people in this world, I can only hope that somewhere there is a man that I will love, who will love me as Christ loves His church.


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