Let’s fall in love – why shouldn’t we fall in love?

I saw the UPS man stop in front of my apartment building and said to myself, “That better be for me.” When he knocked on my door moments later, those words echoed in my mind. It’s almost my birthday – my roommates better not be receiving packages now!

After I signed the UPS man’s pad and chatted with him about playing guitar (I was practicing when he arrived), I was alone and free to inspect the box in my hands.

It is delightful to hold a package addressed to you from amazon.com when you possess only a small idea of what may be inside. During my brief walk from the front door to the kitchen, questions tumbled over one another in my mind. “Who is it from?” (I had my guesses.) “What could it be?” (I was betting on a CD, based on the CD to book ratio on my wish list and the weight of the package.) “Which CD is it?” (I’ve really been craving some jazz today – could it be that Diana Krall CD I’ve been wanting? Or perhaps the Toad CD that’s high on my list – I could go for some rock as well.)

Once inside the kitchen, I reached for the scissors and sliced away the tape that separated me from my gift. (Have I mentioned that I love presents?!) I pulled out the several layers of packing material and found beneat them a small silver gift wrapped package. Aha! A CD it is indeed! Is there a card attached? (Surely there is. Who sends gifts anonymously?!) I pulled the CD out of its oversized box and held my new toy in my hands for the first time. I pulled the packing list off of the pretty paper. Yes! There’s the card! And what do you know – my guess on the sender was right. How fun!

(Clearly, it doesn’t take much to make my day!)

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