Should I hold you close, should I push you away?

If you haven’t noticed already, let me clue you in: I’m a bit of a music geek. I beam when commended for my CD collection. I burn mixed CDs for every occasion. I troll local music stores for fun. When a tornado warning is in effect, I take my guitar and CD collection to my ‘safe place’ with me. Yeah, I guess I’m a little weird.

Another indicator of my ever increasing geek status: just how often do I write about music? Can’t I talk about something else for a change?

(Yes, you should consider yourself warned. More music inspired ramblings are to follow.)

I am constantly surrounded by music. It’s on in my car, in my bedroom, when I’m sitting around with friends, while I shower, when I cook, while I write. I relate to it, okay? I know I’m not alone in this ‘ most people do.

But you know what I’ve realized lately? So many of the songs out there are about male ‘ female relationships. Think about it ‘ how many songs can you think of in the next minute that aren’t sung from a guy to a girl, or vice versa? (CCM songs don’t count. And y’know, even some of those are about boys and girls.) Ready? Go.

Okay, I came up with two ‘ ‘Reasons Why’ (Nickel Creek) and ‘Just the Two of Us’ (Will Smith). I know there’s more out there, but the point of this exercise was to illustrate the vast imbalance. How many songs did you think of and have to rule out? Yeah, me too.

Y’know, I can relate to these relationship songs in many ways. Though I haven’t dated in ages, I’ve had a few crushes over the past several years. Songs like ‘Complicated’ (Carolyn Dawn Johnson) and ‘New Favorite’ (Alison Krauss) are suited to my situation.

Even the songs that are more specifically about two people who are dating/married/in love I am able to appreciate. I’ve dated before, and God knows I have the desire to fall in love and get married someday. But right now, those two things are far removed from me. I’ve never experienced either of them before, and while they would be welcome, I don’t anticipate doing so in the near future.

I don’t really have a point to this story, a lesson to be learned. I don’t imagine singing a song about my real great blue shirt would have as much impact or popularity as a song about a guy who I’m interested in. Such is the plight of the songwriter, I suppose. But I do have to ask myself: will my views on these songs be altered when I am with someone?

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  1. Cary

    You might like a song by Evanescence – My Immortal -you might not. Anyway I think the reason is that so may songs are about relationships is because God designed us for them. Even when Adam was in the garden with God he still needed Eve. Evee was made for Adam(so to speak not in a derogatory sense but to love and cherish). So it has alot to do with this except we here all the hurt songs because of bust up etc. There would be alot less if we were all Christian (Yeah right) no but maybe less if we all approached life from God’s perspective i.e no fornication committing for life respecting one another etc etc etc.

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