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I went to the grocery store tonight, and walked out with three items in hand: a pair of pantyhose, a copy of Rolling Stone, and a bottle of wine.

The wine was the cheapest of the three.

I have decided that 1989 was the best year of the eighties (though obviously �81 was the most significant for births 😉 ). Seriously.

Come on, can you really beat a year that produced NKOTB, Milli Vanilli, and Debbie Gibson? And that�s just the music! Yeah, I know they�re not the best artists you�ll ever hear, but they sure did provide us with some memories. Let�s not forget Saved by the Bell and The Simpsons. We grew up on these shows!

More importantly, 1989 birthed my favorite movie, When Harry Met Sally. Say Anything merits mention, as well.

Most flattering statement of the day: a friend of mine just told me that he gets Alison Krauss & Union Station in his head whenever he talks with me. There are few bands that could provide such a compliment.

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