Once, twice, three times a lady

Scene 1: Flickering candlelight provides the room’s only illumination as the faint scent of honeysuckle lingers in the air. From a corner, strains of soft jazz spill out of the stereo. In the center of the candles that circle the room sits an introspective soul, lost in her solitude. She peers down from behind the curly tendrils that have escaped her ponytail in favor of framing her face. Pen in hand, her notebook paper is quickly filled with the ideas that have been rattling around in her mind. It seems only natural ‘ in her life, any pensive mood demands a pen, indeed. While the melodic rain falls outside her window, she takes another sip of chardonnay and sinks back into the pile of pillows behind her. Eyes closed, she soaks in the peaceful night.

Scene 2: Gone are the tulle and eyelet lace, as they find themselves replaced by pressed and starched cottons. The sun has risen, and a new day of work has begun. She is confidence and maturity on high heels. Her no-nonsense attitude gets her far in her career, but doesn’t allow her colleagues to come too close. Perhaps at the close of business she’ll let down her hair and join them for dinner and drinks. In the meantime, though, she’s got goals to accomplish and business to which to tend.

Scene 3: At last, the weekend has arrived. Jeans and a sassy tank top are the uniform of choice, and her eyes are now highlighted by her gold shadow and black liner. Odds are that she’ll don her favorite army green jacket and her ‘too cool for you’ attitude as she pursues whatever entertainment the days might hold. Here, she is at her most extroverted, and certainly her most flirtatious. She thinks it somehow appropriate when her curls are wild and free to release that aspect of her personality. Her coy smile and fluttering eyelashes betray the woman she is when she’s all alone.

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