The music of my heart

It seems that the word “romance” is a favorite in my vocabulary. I use it quite a bit, especially as of late. But look around – there is so much “romantic” everywhere!

Now, you must keep in mind that when I use the word romance, I don’t necessarily mean flowers and love songs and swooniness. That’s one type of romance, yes, but in my opinion, that’s not all there is to it. I find a romantic quality in so much of what I see in this world, as though God is wooing us to himself through His creation.

The romance doesn’t end there. I love to lose myself in a painting – my mind goes a wandering. Where am I? What’s going on here? What did the artist feel when he was painting this picture? What about it appeals to me?

But I think that perhaps the most romantic thing to me is the power of words. When used adeptly, the words that compose a good book can transport me to another time and place. They can take me outside of myself and my tiny little world and teach me new things, serving as my tour guide on an exploration of time, place, and knowledge. (Everything I need to know I learned at my local library!)

When set to music, the power of words are somehow amplified. My appreciation for good music is forever growing, and I’m not entirely convinced that it’s a good thing. 🙂 I’ve purchased four new CDs in the past month – and yes, that does add up to roughly sixty dollars! (Think of how many cute new shirts I could buy with that!)

Yet I consider it a worthy investment. I’m not sure that my words can adequately convey to you the way that these discs impact me. Silly though you may think me for saying so – music challenges me as a person. It’s often a tool of growth in my life.

You see, music isn’t merely background noise to me, but rather the soundtrack to my life. So many songs have challenged me to examine who I am – my faults, insecurities, strengths, deeply held beliefs, and dreams. For a song to send me to my knees in prayer or to a passage of scripture is not unusual. Many times, the song may not be explicitly about God or “spiritual things” – but the truth is that God is real life. He’s in everything. Whether the song is designed to praise His name or whether it speaks of locking doors, it all comes back to Him.

If that isn’t a sacred romance, I don’t know what is.

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