I wanna feel that rush

I am in a very romantic mood.

I suppose that’s the only thing keeping me up at this late hour – these moods are pleasant and should be thoroughly enjoyed. 🙂

I’m at my parents’ house in Jacksonville, lying in what was my bedroom just a month and a half ago. My possessions are all gone now, but the rugged, romantic feel that I had hoped for when I selected my paint color (a rosey sort of brown) lingers still. As I lay here, the room is lit only by my computer screen (’cause that’s romantic – right) and a softly flickering candle on the bedside table. The guest bed is queen sized, which always feels more “grown up” than my dinky twin sized.

This is the sort of night – the sort of setting – where writing poetry and love letters seems only too appropriate. Granted, I don’t have anyone to write love letters for – at least, not anyone in my life right now. (He’s out there somewhere!) But when I get into this sort of dreamy mood, my imagination can run rampant.

It’s a safe bet that I’ll probably give myself the royal treatment when I get ready tomorrow. Who doesn’t like feeling their best? After all, Mr. Right could be just around the corner….

(…though, truth be told, I hope he’s in a different state. Florida? Not so much…)

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